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I’m an author, actor, consulting storyteller, and pop culture historian who focuses on U.S. science fiction franchises and superheroes. Currently, I'm one of a team of writers working on a video game for Bandai-NamcoMy book Doctor Who: A History went to #10 on the New York Times Best Seller list for non-fiction e-books in 2014. I also wrote The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cook Book, The Unofficial Spider-Man Trivia Challenge, and The Unofficial Batman Trivia Challenge. I contribute essays on these topics and the history of fictional characters to different sites such as: The History ChannelPolygon, Wired.com, MTV.com, ComicBookResources, The Mary Sue, and others. Along with several doctors and psychologists, I've contributed to the books Wonder Woman Psychology, Doctor Who PsychologyThe Walking Dead PsychologyStar Trek Psychology, Captain America VS Iron Man. I've also contributed to the book Star Trek & History and appear as a character in multiple Star Trek novels.

In a lot of my work, as well as in my podcast Crazy Sexy Geeks, I explore where fiction meets life. This means I research and discuss the history, evolution, social commentary, symbolism and moral value of science fiction, fantasy, myth, and superhero stories. I speak regularly at conventions, schools and university classes. Some special interests for me in fiction and media are feminism, LGBTQIA portrayals, POC representation, morality, and psychology/mental health representation.

As a consulting storyteller and critique partner, I regularly edit and/or offer criticism for professional screenplays, novels, memoirs, comic book scripts, video game scripts, and essays.

As an actor, I've worked on stage in New York City and was a member of the Queens Players. I've also appeared in Buzzfeed videos and narrated my audiobook of Doctor Who: A History.

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