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The Short Version:


Alan Sizzler Kistler is a New York Times Best Selling author, sci-fi/comic book historian, and transmedia personality who moonlights as a consulting nerd and storyologist. He is the author of Doctor Who: A History, the writer of the column “Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.,” a former actor of the Queens Players of NYC, and a contributor to books such as Wonder Woman Psychology, Star Trek & History, and Captain America VS. Iron Man

The Long Version:

Alan Sizzler Kistler is a Latin American New York Times Best Seller and transmedia personality who skillfully wears a variety of hats as a storyologist and professional consulting nerd. Studying film, acting and screenwriting at Fordham University and the Oxford Media School, he has since starred in short films for Infinity Dog Productions and One Glass Productions, written screenplays for both companies, acted on stage as a member of the Queens Players theatre company in New York City, and worked as a narrator for Brilliance Audio.


Fascinated by how fiction reflects life and society as well as its creators, Alan is a sci-fi/comic book historian who often lectures in classrooms and on convention panels about the evolution, moral value, inclusivity, and social representation of heroes and villains across media. He has written on the topic for many media outlets including Wired.com, ComicBookResources.com, Polygon.com, GeekAndSundry.com, ComicMix.com, and History.com. His regular column “Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.”, inspired by discussions he had on superhero fashion with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, occupied Newsarama.com and then TheMarySue.com. Alan hosted the radio show Fortress of Awesome on The Point online radio station, and was producer and host of the podcast Crazy Sexy Geeks.


Alan was nominated for CNN’s iReport awards and has appeared in comic book documentaries such as She Makes Comics, as well as many shorts for Warner Bros. Home Video and the CW DC shows. Sometimes he forgets his own birthday, but he’s always ready to explain how Spider-Man’s abilities work, why Superman celebrates two birthdays, and the time travel science of Doctor Who.